Trinity : Why Believe?

In October 2012, the pastors of my church, Life Fellowship, gave me this great privilege to write a paper on the Trinity. In 3 weeks, despite many trials, temptations and sicknesses, by the grace of God, I was able to do all my research and writing for the paper. The paper thus was presented to the pastors and was well received by them.

 I have organized the document into three main sections. In the first section, the concept of Trinity is dealt. This is because most people who doubt or attack it, really do not understand it or is making a caricature of it. Thus a firm grasp of the concept of the doctrine is very important. After this, in the second section, this concept is put under the light of the scriptures to see if its biblical. The way I argue it, is by showing how the strands of teaching which the doctrine synthesizes is biblical and hence the doctrine is also biblical. Finally in the third section, the practical implications of the doctrine are dealt. This is to show the reader that since every facet of New Testament Christianity is Trinitarian, it is impossible for anyone to deny the Trinity and still be a Christian. Hence I argue that the doctrine is one which tests our orthodoxy and denying it makes one a heretic.

In addition I have footnoted my paper extensively (total 60 of them) and also provided a full bibliography at the end to show that my paper is standing on the shoulders of other works.

Here is a basic outline of my paper :

Trinity : Why Believe ?


2.What is the Trinity?

2.1.Its Definition : What The Trinity is
2.1.1. Affirmation of Monotheism
2.1.2. Distinct Persons within the being of God
2.1.3. Equality of the Three Persons within the being of God

2.2.Its Distinctive : What The Trinity is Not
2.2.1. It is not Tritheism
2.2.2. It is not Modalism
2.2.3. It is Not Arianism

3.Does The Bible Teach The Trinity?

3.1. That there is only one God.
3.2 That here exists within the one being of God, three distinct divine Persons
3.2.1.The Father - His Deity and Personhood in the Bible
3.2.2.The Son - His Deity and Personhood in the Bible
3.2.3.The Spirit - His Deity and Personhood in the Bible
3.3. That the Persons are co-equal, co-eternal and consubstantial

4.Why Believe The Trinity?

4.1.Trinity and Our Salvation
4.1.1.Trinity and the execution of our salvation
4.1.2.Trinity and our experience of salvation

4.2.Trinity and Our Worship
4.2.1.Trinity and how we worship
4.2.2.Trinity and who we worship

4.3.Trinity and Our Prayer

4.4.Trinity and the Church
4.4.1.Trinity and the ministry of the church
4.4.2.Trinity and the mission of the church



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