Beacon of Truth

Beacon of Truth is a library of gospel-centered resources from my ministry as a disciple-maker. I am an Evangelical Christian, passionately seeking to be radically gospel-centered in my life and preaching. A detailed testimony of my faith can be read here.

Beacon of Truth is neither a ministries nor has any plans to be another para-church organization. I am rather a pro-church Christian. In other words, I take the ministry of the local church very seriously and want to see local churches be the center of all the work of God. Hence I am all about promoting the ministry of the local church. In the future, God willing, Beacon of Truth would seek to be part of a biblically conservative, theologically sound, gospel faithful and Spirit-led local church. Beacon of Truth hopefully would serve as the outreach ministry of that church, promoting her gospel-centered resources.

In the past Beacon of Truth was noted for articles on defending and articulating truths of the Reformed Faith. While there is no denial of these truths, the emphasis and focus of this site would no longer be so. Though unashamedly confessing the Protestant, Evangelical and Reformed faith, here at Beacon, you will find articles and resources that are characterized by the following emphases :

Passion of and for Jesus : The one thing that is worth thinking, writing and preaching in all of cosmos and beyond is the love of Jesus for His people and the love He creates for Himself in the hearts of His people. This intimacy with and joy in Jesus is the supreme pleasure that I enjoy in my life. I hope to proclaim and promote this passion for Jesus which is birthed only by knowing intimately the passion of Jesus.

Being Gospel-Centered : As an Evangelical (in the theological and not in the sociological sense), articles would be aimed at showing the supremacy and sufficiency of the gospel. The gospel is not the a-b-c of Christian faith, it is rather the a-z of the Christian faith. The gospel profoundly affects every area of our lives and being gospel-centered is to know how the gospel changes every area of our theology, living and ministry.

Pneuma-Centric : True Christian life is impossible without the Blessed Holy Spirit being the source of vitality and vigor. His filling, leading, guiding, awakening, convicting, illuminating and strengthening ministry is crucial to true spirituality. The word "centric" speaks of the Holy Spirit as the center of efficacy,   as opposed to "centered" as in gospel-centered, where it refers to the gospel as the center of orientation. In other words, my theology, life and ministry is oriented around the truths of the gospel, whereas the spiritual dynamic of my theology, life and ministry emanates from the Holy Spirit. I have seriously studied Pneumatology  for the past 7 years, having considered the very many doctrinal positions and movements which embrace them. Other than the Bible and God's leading of me, Pneuma-Centric Christians like John Owen, Jonathan Edwards and Martyn Lloyd-Jones are some of the key influences upon my present conviction regarding the Holy Spirit. I hope to write, speak and promote this Christ-centered, Bible-saturated Pneumatology. As for the question of spiritual gifts, after much doctrinal and historical study, and considering a couple of positions deeply, I find Cessationism to be the most historic and biblical position .

Urban Missions : Taking the gospel to the cities of the world and being successful in planting churches there is strategically crucial to the completion of the Great Commission. I am persuaded by the study done by missiologists and historians regarding the urban nature of the missionary work of the first century church. Understanding the culture of a city, discerning its basic worldview and then applying the gospel appropriately is a key task for the urban missionary. Being an aspiring Urban Missionary, articles here on Beacon of Truth would reflect my journey of learning the different aspects of doing this crucial ministry, with a special emphasis on India.

I post mostly articles, theological papers and sermon transcripts here at Beacon of Truth. For miscellaneous musings, thoughts on resources I found helpful etc, check Theoblogy where I used to blog for an year.

Hope your faith is edified by the resources you find here.