Affirmations and Denials

Though not exhaustive, the following is a set of my affirmations and denials on some crucial areas of doctrine, to make it clear where I stand on these issues. 


as the sole authority on doctrine and practice of the church; its inspiration, infallibility, inerrancy, perspicuity and sufficiency.

that the Bible contains errors or merely contains divine revelations in some portions;
that God is still speaking infallibly outside the Bible; 
that holding Sola Scriptura means Solo Scriptura (Creeds and confessions have their own place under the authority of the Bible and does not contend with sufficiency of the Scriptures.)


as a core and essential doctrine of the Christian faith;
its inclusion in divine revelation for the comfort and communion of believers.

all downgrading of its core nature by treating it as so complex that it is never taught in churches and those who do not believe it are considered as Christians;
all distortions of it - modalism, arianism, tritheism;
all denials of it - unitarianism, oneness.


the sufficiency of the penal substitutionary atonement work of Jesus Christ on the cross for the salvation of sinners;
the exclusive supremacy of the work of Christ over all other false offers to propitiate the wrath of God;
the centrality of the work of Christ doctrinally, canonically and thematically in the Bible and also in our theology, life and ministry.

all denial of its exclusive supremacy by an embracing of pluralism and universalism;
all downplaying of its centrality by additions to or subtractions from the biblical gospel;
all downgrading of its centrality by drawing a false dichotomy between the content of evangelism and discipleship

Sovereignty of God

the absolute sovereignty of God over all things;
the sovereignty of God in salvation : that election, predestination, calling, regeneration, justification, sanctification, glorification are all graces sovereignly bestowed by God according to His own pleasure and purpose and never can be earned or merited by human beings.
that the sovereignty of God never mitigates human responsibility, but when exercised to give grace, makes human responsibility fruitful.

all systems of theology, philosophy and worldview which propose the sovereignty of God as contingent on any other agency;
all systems of theology, philosophy and worldview which employ the sovereignty of God as a means to do away with human responsibility.

The Holy Spirit

His personality and deity and equality with the Father and the Son;
the absolute inevitability of Him and His graces to live the Christian life;
the absolute necessity of His gifts to do the Christian ministry;
the cessation of all His sign gifts having fulfilled its purpose of authenticating messengers of revealtion
the continuation of all His service gifts and thus their seeking of it by the church.

all heresies, doctrinal and functional, which deny His personality and deity and full equality with the Father and the Son;
all false teachings which emphasize striving in the flesh and not leaning on the Spirit.


its high priority in the work of our missionary God;
its corresponding high priority in the life of all believers.
that the church is called to both personal piety of the beatitudes and public ministry of being the light of the world and salt of the earth; these being inseparable.

Negligence of it through a false delegation to God;
Negligence of it by pitting piety and missions as absolute alternatives and then claiming to be focused on piety alone.


that both man and woman are created equal in their essence and capacity to worship, obey and serve God;
that both man and woman however have distinct roles to play in their God-given path of obedience;
that these roles are uniquely tied to each gender and thus normally cannot be done by the other;
that these roles are to complement one another, with man being the head and woman being the help;
that redeemed souls should embrace and practice biblical complementarianism in godly institutions like marriage and church.

all forms of egalitarianism which teach the essential equality of man and woman as suggesting functional equality also.
all practices in marriage and church which does not line up with biblical complementarianism.
all abuse of complementarianism by male chauvinists to ill-treat, abuse and oppress women.
all misuse of complementarianism to exclude women from all the ministries of the church (apart from senior leadership like pastors and elders, and principal teaching ministry, women can be part of any ministry and they have a very vital role to play.)