Welcome to Beacon of Truth, the online library of gospel-centered resources from the ministry of Jay Dharan.


Beacon of Truth is neither a ministries nor has any plans to be another para-church organization. Beacon is rather very pro-church, taking the ministry of the local church very seriously and want to see local churches be the center of all the work of God.  To know the key emphases that characterize the resources you will find here, read more.

My Testimony

I am Jay Dharan, a child of God dearly loved by the Father in Jesus Christ. I hail from a Hindu Nair family in the state of Kerala in South India. Jesus walked into my life in the Fall of 2002 when I was 17 years old. I came to know Him by reading the Bible. For a brief testimony of my salvation, read more.


For a collection of the Frequently Answered Questions by me regarding my faith, my ministry and my life, read more.