Resurrection Sunday Sermon : By His Resurrection

      (Image : "The Resurrection" by Sebastiano Ricci; Public Domain)

Last year the Senior pastor of the church I was then part of gave me an opportunity to preach on Resurrection Sunday. It was the first time I was preaching on Easter morning. The text I chose was Romans 1:3-4. The reason being it explains clearly the truth that is proclaimed to all the world by God raising Jesus from the grave. Moreover it linked beautifully the relationship between the divinity of Jesus and His resurrection. This was a crucial truth to be expounded and set clearly before my hearers considering certain pastoral and theological issues facing that congregation. Thus I expounded the text to show what God is telling us about Jesus by His resurrection and then concluded by pointing three practical implications flowing from the resurrection of Jesus, all from the book of Romans. Thus my sermon focuses on what is declared of Jesus by His resurrection and what is ours by His resurrection.

Listen to the sermon and may the Lord cause your hearts to be grateful for Christ's resurrection.

My outline went as follows :
a. The need to meditate on resurrection and understand its significance
b. My principle of meditation : Read slowly, Think deeply.
2.Exposition and Reflection
Read slowly : unpacking the text by careful observation and drawing out meaning
a. The preexistence of the Son before His incarnation
b. The parallelism and contrast in verses 3 and 4
c. The declaration being made about Jesus at resurrection : Son of God in power
Think deeply :  How does the resurrection prove Jesus is the Son of God in power?
a. Understanding the biblical categories in which biblical authors view resurrection
b. Paul's usage of Psalm 2:7 in Acts 13:32-33 to prove the resurrection of Jesus
c. Understanding Psalm 2 as a coronation Psalm
d. Understanding resurrection as Jesus' accession to His throne.
Objection 1 : Doesn't this mean Jesus attained His divinity at the resurrection? 
Objection 2 : Since the Bible uses Son of God title not just for Jesus, there's nothing unique about Him. 
Summary : By His resurrection, the eternal Son Jesus is declared as the Son of God in power, as the enthroned King.
By His resurrection :
a. We are justified and accepted as Jesus is by the Father; Do you know His love?
b. Death and sin have no more dominion over us as much as Christ was raised from them; Do you know the blessings of your union with Christ? Do you count yourself dead to sin and alive to God?
c.The same powerful Spirit who raised Jesus now dwells with in us; Do you embrace mortification of sin and endure persecution by the power of the Spirit?