How To Study The Parables of Jesus

Thesis : The aim of this study is to learn how we can rightly interpret the parables of Jesus, avoiding allegory.

Synopsis : Interpreting the parables of Jesus involves the following steps of noting (i) the points of reference that original hearers would have identified (ii) an expected end assumed by the hearers (iii) an unexpected twist at the end and (iv) main point or the intended response. Crucial to this task is reading the parable in context - both historical and literary. We take the parable of the good Samaritan as our test case to show how these principles can be applied for proper interpretation. We also note when our interpretation is an allegory based on these principles : if without any textual warrant every detail of the story is assumed as  a point of reference to be interpreted and are interpreted used a key not warranted by the text. 

Outline : 

2.What is a Parable?
3.Interpreting Proper Parables
   b.Exercise :Luke 10:25-37
   c.Helpful Suggestions
4. Why did Jesus teach in Parables?
   a.What Jesus does not mean
   b.What Jesus does mean
   c. Bottomline

Download : Study Notes