Sacred Intimacy : The One Cry of The Bride of Jesus

An exposition of Song of Songs 1:2

Thesis : A revelation of the passion of Jesus for His bride begets holy passion for Jesus. Hence the first thing the bride cries to her Bridegroom King in Song of Songs is to touch her heart with the revelation of His love and awaken her affections for Him. She makes this cry because enjoying His love gives superior pleasure to her than any pleasures of this world. 

Synopsis : In this study we begin by a short introduction to the book of Song of Songs and the ways in which it has been generally interpreted by Christians. We then move onto consider six scriptural reasons supporting the spiritual interpretation of this book and make the case that we are not allegorizing when we spiritually interpret. The differences between spiritual interpretation and allegorizing are considered for it. We then move to the exposition of the verse. We do it by first understanding the phrases, then their meaning and then understanding the sense of it. In exposition we understand what the first cry of the Bride is. Then we move to reflection and consider why this is the first cry of the Bride. We consider other parts of the scripture to see five truths that speak on how much God speaks about the affections of our heart giving it primary importance in our relationship with Him. Finally we end our study with a section on application where we consider practical ways in which this text can change our lives.

Outline :

1.     Introduction
a.     Scriptural reasons to spiritually interpret the song of songs
b.    Are we allegorizing when we spiritually interpret
2.     Exposition : What is the first cry of the Bride?
a.     Understanding the phrases
b.    Understanding the meaning
c.     Understanding the reason
d.    So what is the cry of the Bride
3.     Reflection :  Why is it the first cry of the Bride
4.     Application : How will this text change our life