Q&A : How should I witness to Hindus?

Witnessing to Hindus is a large topic and the below answer is only concerned with the content of our sharing at the time of witnessing. We need to be careful about many things in addition to our message, like our heartfelt prayers for them, our attitude towards them, our involvement in their lives etc. However regarding the message, here are five things I think we should care about :

1. Talk about the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Most Hindus have no idea of who Jesus Christ is, even if they have a fair knowledge of the Christianity around them. Talk to them about the beauty and uniqueness of the person of Christ. Every human heart already has deep longings which can only be met by Jesus. Labour to show how a love relationship with Christ alone can satisfy us and trying to fill our void with anything of this world is futile. Speak about His unique love and how true life and joy is found only in resting in His love. Share your own personal experience of how living with Christ has brought true peace, abundant joy and rich life to you. Tell them it is to the most beautiful love story that Christ is bidding them to join. Define what true salvation means - to be saved from God's just anger towards us for being sinners into an abiding and everlasting love relationship with Him. Explain in crystal clear language how only Jesus' life and death brings that salvation to us. Unpacking the doctrine of justification by faith alone has always been the crucial point in my personal experience of sharing Christ's work to others. It is the point where most people are left speechless. When I explain to them that we are not calling them to a Do-This-Don't-do-That kind of religion, but one where we live by trusting on the promise of Another's performance on behalf of us, they realize we are truly speaking of something altogether different.

2. Show them that everything you are saying about Christ is found in the Bible.

Yes this does seem like a surprise for many, however in my own experience and has been testified by others, that showing the Scriptural basis of one's witnessing of Christ only adds credibility to the mind of a Hindu.

3. Carefully explain how one's practical life is very much dependent on one's beliefs.

Hindus typically care more for one's deeds than for one's creeds. Hence for them as long as someone is living right externally, irrespective of his/her beliefs, they are happy with it. Thus an upright Christian and an upright Hindu are equal in their eyes. We need to explain how behaviour is very much dependent on one's beliefs. Potential areas of discussion here will be the corruptness of even good works and how even our good works are thus unable to please God; how unattainable is the perfection that the Law of God demands and thus the importance of faith in a substitute saviour.

4. Talk about death and hell.

Most Hindus, like all non-Christ-followers, try to live in self-imposed forgetfulness of these matters. Encountering them on these matters requires much prudence and grace. However it is an effective way of reminding them that they have no real assurance of any escape from divine retribution. Thus it awakens in them the need for the Saviour.

5. The biggest stumbling block for Hindus to come to Christ is their experience with "Christians".

Most of them have long stories of how this "Christian" or that, did some bad thing in their life. If they reply back with these stories, we should never try to justify the evil done by these so-called Christians. We should rather share with the sentiments of this hurt soul, clarify that not everyone who goes to a church is a Christ-follower, be willing to confess that even true Christ-followers are not perfect people and yet it is such imperfect people that Christ saves. Thus by removing any false impression about Christ-followers being perfect, point them to the Perfect Saviour Jesus Christ.

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