My Experience and Entreaty Concerning The Gospel

The following is the transcript of an evangelistic address given by me at a local Episcopal church. 

It has been vested upon me to share how the Lord Jesus Christ saved me and thus to tell you all the good news of Jesus Christ. I will first briefly share my experience of encountering Him and being saved by Him and then will conclude with four entreaties for you. Each of these entreaties have four  definitions and implications.

Firstly, this is how I came to a saving knowledge of and faith in Lord Jesus Christ. I belong to a very aristocratic Nair family of Travancore. No one in my family is a believer of Christ. The first person to have come to a knowledge of Christ was my elder brother. As soon as he began to know Christ, he also began to persuade me to consider Christ. We used to have lengthy discussions over it. Back then, I was a very staunch and superstitious heathen, who could not tolerate any talk on God, loving Him etc. Religion for me was just a means to reach my selfish ends. It was just a tool for personal gain. My brother’s persuasion did not change me, it only made me loose my religion and become a full-fledged atheist. By that time I had joined my Engineering college. Life there initially was very boring and all of sudden I found everything in life to be meaningless. I used to bunk my college and began roaming through the city. I went to the beach and bathed in the sea from morning till evening. I watched all kinds of movies and many of them four or five times. Little did I know that the Sovereign Lord was at work in showing me the meaninglessness of life apart from Him, for whom I was created.

One of those days after a tiresome straying in the world, I was in my bedroom and was moved to believe that there is absolutely no meaning in living like this. Thus the desire to reckon suicide was growing in me. But since I loved my self so much, I did not venture out on that suggestion of my mind. Then I would say was the most crucial divine initiative at action. I was led to consider reading a Bible in my room. It was a Bible a stranger gifted my dad nearly two years earlier. I took the Bible and started reading the first page on what the translators wrote to King James. I felt it weird and threw it to some corner of my room. But as days went by I started reading that Bible slowly. My days were one of straying through the city and nights were one of reading the Bible. Over a period of two weeks I got convicted of the worthiness of God in worship. I became conscious of the purpose with which God made me which was to worship Him and how miserably I have fallen from His purpose. In light of this truth I saw how utterly sinful I am and the heights of my crime against the Majesty on High gripped my heart. I saw that everything I have done in life has been nothing but sin, for I have never been a worshipper of God. I had always lived with an adamant rebellion to get God out of the picture. I became absolutely convinced that I am a radically depraved, morally fallen, God hater. Thus God in His great mercy birthed repentance in my heart, with the purpose of saving me from His wrath.

I could not trace back my conversion to any moment where I parroted some prayer. But it was somewhere during those two weeks in 2002 that the Lord saved me. The first evidence of my conversion was a great hunger for His word. Like new born babies cry out for milk, a new born again child of God craves for the spiritual milk of God's word. The second evidence was the gift of a disciplined prayer life filled with intimacy and devotion for the Lord. I have never been to any Christian prayer meeting before my conversion. So I did not know how to pray. But the Lord taught me step by step on how to pray. I remember getting up one morning, kneeling down and then waiting on the Lord for instructions on how I can pray. As the Spirit helped me, I prayed my first prayer to my Father saying “Father Thank you for this new day you have blessed me with joy and victory”. I prayed that and was shocked that I prayed that prayer. All through my seventeen years I had never thanked the Lord for a day. After prayer I was led by the Lord to read and meditate on His word. No one exhorted me to do any of these. But the Lord was at work in raising me properly.

For three long years no believer came to know about my conversion. I searched but I could not find any believer. Thus for three years, no Christian, no Church, no ministry or any preacher came to know that a heathen named Jayamohan has been given grace by God. I call those years my honeymoon years. All through those years I just prayed and studied the Bible from cover to cover. Those were years of persecution at home over my conversion. But the Lord strengthened me and I found my joy in Him alone. He miraculously made me persevere. The third and most crucial evidence of my conversion was and still is His work of sanctification. Though I am still millions of miles away from being Christ like, I see the Lord at work in me to make me "walk like Jesus did".  By His grace,  I continue to yearn after holiness, to think, say and do only those things that will please my God, who saved me through Jesus Christ.

Let me take the rest of the time and give you four entreaties. I do this, as that great preacher Charles Spurgeon once said, Andrew did not just tell Peter about his experience of the Messiah, but also explained his experience. In light of this truth, I now want to explain certain truths which I hope are illustrated in my experience.

First of all, The Bible is the only infallible and inerrant Word of God. It is the only and sufficient source of divine revelation. As you might have noted, I, a heathen of heathens by birth, was saved, just by the reading of these blessed Scriptures. Please remember the Word of God is not a bare word, but rather it is one laden with power and it proves its potency by the response it creates in its hearers. Theological Liberals will tell us not to have such a high view of the Scriptures. Please do not fall into that trap of having a low esteem of this Most Holy Word of God. It is powerful to save sinners. The implication I want to draw from this point is, Liberalism is not an option for us. We have to believe this Book is either God’s Word or it is not. We cannot hypocritically hold the Bible and say it has certain things right and certain things wrong. Beloved, it is the infallible, inerrant, sole and sufficient revelation from God.

Secondly, Salvation from sin is only found in the Lord Jesus Christ. In other words, salvation is not found in anyone else. As you might have noted, I was saved not because I joined a church or because I belong to a family, but I was saved when I found Jesus Christ or rather when He found me. Please do not deceive yourselves to believe that just because you belong to a good and faithful church or a very pious Christian family, you are saved. Salvation is only for those who belong to Christ. Hence the implication of this truth is : Paganism and Nominalism are not valid options before us. In a pluralistic society like ours, many think that salvation can be found outside Christ, even in pagan belief systems. I submit to you that the Bible, the Word of God teaches no such thing. There is no Name under Heaven by which you can be saved, none but the Name of Jesus Christ. Say No to paganism. Say No also to Nominalism. You cannot call yourself saved, if you are calling yourself so, merely on the basis of belonging to a church or a family.

Thirdly, Salvation from sin is given to us only on the basis of what Christ has done for us. What has Christ done for us? Two things – first of all, He came to this earth and lived a sinless life of perfect obedience to the Law of God, for 33 and a half years. Secondly, He went to the cross and bore the punishment due for our sins. In other words, while on earth, He lived such a perfect life of obedience, that He was in fact weaving a robe of righteousness with which He now clothes His believers.  And He died in their place as a perfect sacrifice for their sins. For those who believe in Christ, God clothes them with the righteousness of Christ. Which righteousness? Not some abstract righteousness of Christ, but rather as Paul the apostle says in Romans 5:19b, the righteousness that is credited to us is none but the obedience of Jesus Christ. God thus forgives our sins on the basis of Christ’s death and justifies us on the basis of Christ’s obedience. The implication is, we are not saved on the basis of our works. God accepts us only on the basis of the works of Jesus Christ. We cannot earn salvation by our performance in religious matters. We have to quit, abandon such hopes and throw ourselves upon the mercy of God in Jesus Christ. As you might have noted, God did not save me on the basis of my works. Had he chosen to do so, I would not be standing here rather would be burning in Hell. We sinners. have no other hope of salvation, but Jesus Christ alone being our pardon and our perfection before the Father.

Fourthly, Salvation from sin comes to us only when we believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ. In other words, the only instrument which causes us to experience this salvation is nothing but saving faith in Jesus Christ. What is saving faith? It is not mere knowing of information. We need to know what the gospel is. However it is not sufficient, to just know the information of the gospel. It is neither mere affirmation that this information is true. Even though that is also very much needed, just saying the gospel is true indeed, does not save anyone. What then is saving faith? It is wholehearted conviction in the truths of the gospel. In other words, it is wholehearted embracing of the truth claims of Jesus Christ. The implication I want to point out here is crucial. If you can say to yourself, that you are basing all your hope and confidence, in Christ Jesus alone, for God to accept you, and you prove this faith in Christ, through diverse situations and circumstances in your life, that you can wholeheartedly say I am banking on what Christ has done for me – He is my perfection before God, not my good works; He is my pardon from God, not my penance; He is my hope of salvation from God, not my perseverance in my religiosity; He is my everything and all, my treasure, my delight, my story, my song; - all the time, whether in trials or good times, whether richer or poorer, whether my dreams are being fulfilled or not, whether I am respected or abused; whether this or that or the other, no matter what, I am basing all my hope, all my trust, all my life , always in what Christ has done for me in the gospel. If you can wholeheartedly say that, with a God-given assurance, then my dear brethren, you have saving faith. However if anyone among you can only say I know the content of the gospel or I know it is true but I cannot say all the time, in all circumstances, I am basing my hope and confidence in the truth that Christ has earned for me a right standing before God and that through Christ, God is now for me and not against me, which is the source of all hope and confidence in life. Then, my dear friend, what are you waiting for, cry out to God and believe in Christ today. Bank it all on Christ’s work for you. Quit all hopes in your good works, and religiosity. Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. If you will trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, then I assure you He died for you – bearing the wrath of God against your sins. Your punishment has been dealt by Jesus Christ. Moreover for you, Christ has lived the good and perfect life under the Law. You just need to receive that righteousness by faith and be clothed with it. He took the punishment which you cannot bear and He lived the life which you cannot live and He gives you this great salvation as a free gift to be received by faith. Call upon the Name of Lord Jesus Christ today and you shall be saved. May the Holy Spirit of God work in your hearts to receive this great a salvation. Amen.


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