Do You Know What Is Your Greatest Problem?

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It was after a prayer meeting that I was led to consider this endeavor. My aim was to come up with a tract that is biblically faithful in its presentation of the gospel. One which focused not on the felt needs of men, but rather on the unfelt needs of sinners - the wrath of God hanging over the heads of sinners and to repent and believe in Christ.

My prayer is that as the gospel is unfolded in a nutshell by this tract, the Holy Spirit will gloriously work in the hearts of sinners, thus see their unfelt needs and come to Christ.

This tract is best for use in outreaches, where there is a clear proclamation of the gospel. The tract shall then serve as a synopsis of what they heard from the preacher. It will thus be a reminder. The tract does proclaim the gospel and defends some aspects of it, which might be questioned by an inquirer. However it does not and cannot go on in length explaining the gospel. Hence use this tract only in conjunction with good gospel preaching, whether street preaching or gospel meetings inside the church.

Though I wrote the tract, I did use materials I got from the writings of Paul Washer and After writing it, I designed it in the form of a three fold brochure.

You are permitted to use this tract free of charge, upon informing me the use of it.