A Devotional Testimony

Blessed God of Grace and
His Christ Treasuring Worshipper

The only good thing in this temporal life on earth is to draw near to the Lord. To encounter, behold and rest in the beauty and glory of Christ is our greatest privilege and blessed portion.  Either we can drown ourselves in life's dreary problems or hover over them in triumphant joy beholding the worship-deserving beauty of Christ. 

The triumphant, indomitable, invincible and joyful spirit of a Christ-alone-treasuring saint is indeed truly a blessed one. God has truly lavished on him with His abundant grace. For such a saint, life is a series of avenues to behold the glories of the grace of God in Christ Jesus. Thus life for him is a journey through the panoramic view of the manifold riches of God's grace. Each trial, every crisis and even every seemingly tragic events of life is for him an opportunity to behold the perfection and glory of Christ in His abundant, abounding grace freely bestowed upon him. 

When faced with a challenge, this blessed worshipper does not resort to some religious technique to overcome or even escape the pain. But rather his heart like always, yet by the grace of God with greater fervency and zeal, delights in the Lord alone, confessing that his Lord alone is His only reward and blessed portion forever. Thus by this grace-wrought worshipful heart, he prays to the Lord to grant him what he needs in this challenge, yet cheerfully ends his prayer by saying 'Nevertheless, let not mine, but Your will be done'. 

The Lord surely does grant the desires of the heart of such a worshipper. For the Lord is confident of His grace at work in the heart of the worshipper. However imperfect the understanding of the worshipper on the efficacy of grace be, the Lord knows it perfectly that His grace is omnipotent in accomplishing all that He wills. The Lord knows that His grace is well able to keep His worshipper joyful in Him through the deepest possible pain. Thus the worshipper though pressed upon by needs all around him, still cries out honestly - 'Whom have I in heaven, but You and nothing on earth I desire besides You'. That sure is the glory of God's grace at work in the worshipper. Knowing thus that His grace shall keep His worshipper from the pollution of idolatry, the Lord grants all good things that the worshipper needs. 

The joy of the worshipper sure does overflow, not merely rejoicing over receiving that which he needed from God, but rather beholding the goodness of God in His grace, keeping in mind that the Lord is under no debt to do any good to him. His heart overflows with rapturous praise, for his High and Lofty Lord has stooped down and bestowed grace upon him. He is caught up in inexpressible joy over this fresh evidence of the truth that the Great and Mighty God has been mindful of him. This tender care and omnipotent effort of the Lord for him, humbles him and drowns his selfishness in the ocean of God's worthiness in worship. Thus rather than being taken up with the gifts of God, he is moved by the grace of God to be a greater worshipper of God. Thus the Most Wise God blesses His worshipper with good things, yet through His efficacious grace causes the worshipper to be a greater worshipper. 


O blessed be God forever and ever more
Who is there like unto You, O Lord
You are matchless in Your beauty and greatness
Your wisdom knows no bound

Your Sovereign, Omnipotent and Efficacious Hand of Grace
Forms, moulds and keeps all Your Worshippers
O Praise You Lord for Your glorious Grace.
Which true worshipper can ever boast in himself
For who has ever worshipped You worthily apart from Your Grace
No, not even one

For all who have beheld Your glory were begotten
By Your Sovereign Spirit of Grace
They Tasted Your goodness through Your
Gracious gift of Faith. 

O What can we say, but that from You and through You
And to You are all things

O I praise You my Lord.
Thank You for saving me by Grace alone
Through Faith alone in Christ alone
As revealed in Scriptures alone
For the glory of God alone.

Unworthy Scum


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