Three Types Of Christians

A Christian is one who is after Christ. Well, what of Christ are you after? That determines the type of Christian one is. In Psalm 115 : 8, it is written that those who make idols will ultimately become like them, so our focus determines our destination. Based on the focus, Christians can be classified as follows:

1. Seeing the Performance of God.
In I John 2:12, we read "I write to you little children, for your sins are forgiven, for His name's sake." Little children are new born Christians and are spiritual babes. They are people who have reached the outer courts of the Tabernacle, in terms of spiritual maturity. It is in the outer courts of the Tabernacle that we've the Altar of sacrifice and the Laver, signifying forgiveness of sins and being cleansed with the Word of God. At the beginning of our Christian life, we are more focused on God's actions than His being. We tend to be concerned about His performance alone, like did He answer my prayer? will He heal me? Will He help me in this time of trouble? etc. We always tie up a particular action that we expect from him and give Him suggestions on what He should do. Spiritual immaturity is characterized by them in their concern for doing more than being. They expect God to do something they want rather than He being the Lord of their life; and in accordance to Psalm 115:8, they are also more interested in doing as a Christian rather than being a Christian.

2. Feeling the Presence of God.
In the Bible, a difference is drawn between a child of God and a son of God. During the first century, while the New Testament was being written, a child, though he be an heir is considered no different from a slave. Only when he grows to the fullness, he is called a son and made an heir. In Galatians 4:1-7, we see this truth applied spiritually. Here in this passage, we see that a son of God is filled with the Spirit of God and thus cries out to God, Abba, Father. In I John 2:14, we see that to young men, Holy Spirit says that the Word of God abides in them. Now, there is no doubt that baptism in the Holy Spirit is an inevitable factor for a victorious Christian Life. But, like with most spiritual things, in the name of being radical, people tend to go to extremes. Such Christians after being baptised in the Holy Spirit, tend to shift their focus to feeling the tangible presence of the Lord. With them, emotionally experiencing is more important than spiritually encountering the Lord. They are very regular in meetings and gets involved in many ministries, like the priests who entered theHoly place of the Tabernacle. They always pray to feel the tangible presence of the Lord in their meetings and ministries. But the Bible is clear on, for whom the Lord sends His tangible presence in a gathering. In I Corinthians 14:22-25, we can see that the tangible presence in the form of gifts of the Holy Spirit is a sign to the unbeliever and the purpose is to convict him. But we have Christians here,praying to feel the presence and see the signs, all because of their unbelief.

Believers are people characterised by faith, not by emotions or feelings.
By this it does not mean that we can despise the gifts of the Spirit. There is another group of people, who in the name of being strong and intellectually superior, does that going to the other extreme to miss God's will. When the focus of a Christian is feeling,he becomes a soulish Christian. It is often feeling the presence of the Lord, but it could be even feeling a message intellectually and not yielding to the Spirit. So a soulish Christian can be one who believes in the baptism of Holy Spirit (and His gifts) or one who denies it. The former is interested in subjective experiences, while the latter in objective experiences. Anyway it is in his soul, that he experiences God. His prayer, preaching, singing etc. is to feel the Lord, emotionally or intellectually. God tests a soulish Christian by sending days where He is unable to feel Him. Some people then, try to create fire by clapping and shouting, not out of anointing, but for the anointing. They should remind themselves what happened to Aaron's sons. A soulish Christian's life is a cycle of backsliding and recommitting, in accordance to his intermittent emotions. Now in reference to what Psalm 115:8 says, the soulish Christian is not only after feeling the presence of Christ, he is interested in giving a feeling to others that he is a Christian. Their spiritual immaturity is then this spiritual hollowness.

3. Knowing the Person of God.
If the Lord asks you, "Do you love Me more than My presence?", what will be your answer. That answer will determine whether you love the person of Jesus Christ or His presence. Well one might ask, what's the difference? Let's take an example, a son would love to be in his father's company, but even when his father is not with him or when he does not have clever thoughts about him, there is no difference in his love for his father. In a similar way, whether or not we feel His presence, we'll love Him, if we truly love Him. Moreover, in the emotional or intellectual realm, the Lord might be absent, but we can always sense Him by faith. Thus a mature Christian knows in his spirit that his Lord never leaves him nor forsakes him. This faith helps him to know God better and become a spiritual father, like it is written in I John 2: 13 &14. We can say a spiritually mature Christian is one who is in the Most Holy place of the Tabernacle. In the Most Holy place, God is not moving, that we should feel Him, but He dwells there and so we can meet Him. The focus is not feeling, but fellowship with God. In Exodus 25: 22, God says that in the Most Holy place, we can meet Him and He will commune with us. So a mature Christian is one who is not only baptised in the Spirit, but also led by the Spirit. When Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross, the veil between the Holy place and the Most Holy place was rent. Hebrews 10:19,20 says "Therefore brethren, having boldness to enter the Holiest by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way, which He consecrated for us, through the veil, that is His flesh" Notice it is for entering the Most Holy place that Jesus gave His life. What a pity, it is to be a Christian stuck in the Holy place. Considering Psalm 115:8 here,we can see that a spiritually mature man, since his focus is on the person of Jesus, is also concerned in being the person Jesus is.

May God help you to look to the person of Jesus through His Holy Scriptures.

"Let's run the race,....looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith" Hebrews 12:1,2


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